VIDEO: They Were Separated At Birth, But When They Stumbled Upon Each Other By Accident. WOW!

Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier are twins, but they weren’t aware the other existed the first 25 years of their lives. The sisters were born in South Korea before they were placed up for adoption and each adopted by different families. Samantha was adopted by American parents, while Anais would be raised by French parents across the world.

What you wouldn’t expect is for a single Facebook message to reunite them. Anais was watching a TV show and was stunned to discover someone who looked exactly like her. She looked Samantha up online and sent her a message in February 2013, and the two began to actively communicate and discovered that they weren’t just doppelgangers, but both adopted, both born on the same day and in the same city.

The two met through Skype first, and couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared back at mirror-copies of themselves. When they met in person, the similarities were even more dumbfounding. They arrived with the same color of nail polish, had the same laugh, bit their nails the same, both love the same foods and have the same crazy dance style. They also, oddly enough, both hate carrots.

Growing up on opposite sides of the world, not even being raised with the same first language, these two sisters still managed to grow into people who were reflections of one another. In closing the video that depicts their miraculous discovery, Samantha summarizes their story perfectly in saying, “Everyone goes through life find another part of themselves in someone else. I’m just so lucky to find another me in my sister. Someone who has been in sync with me…from the very beginning.”

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