VIDEO: They Were Driving When THIS Came On The Radio. What Happened Next Changed Their Lives

An Australian single mother of four, still grieving from the loss of her 19-year-old son in a work accident, was the recipient of some generosity from a local radio station that had heard of her situation and sought to help out.

A hidden camera in the car shows the woman, named Michelle, riding along with three friends expecting to go to a spa day. As this is taking place, the radio station in question is on in the car.

Slowly, Michelle begins to realize they’re talking about her situation at which point the driver stops the car. She then begins to be overcome with emotion as the radio hosts continue to discuss her story, including her having to return to work despite the lingering pain from her loss.

The hosts then announce that they’ll be paying Michelle’s mortgage for the next six months in order for her to continue her grief recovery. In addition, they note that her son was in the process of doing renovations on the family home at the time of his death, which results in them giving Michelle $5,000 to finish the job.

A tearful but thankful Michelle briefly speaks with the hosts on the air, with sob punctuating much of her conversation.

Michelle’s son, Blaine, was killed in a freak work accident on December 1, 2014 after coming off the back of a tractor.

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