VIDEO: They Walk Out To Start Their Routine. Then The Music Starts and I Nearly Fell Off My Chair

Let’s be honest. Most people only watch gymnastics every four years. This is because the Olympic games are held every four years and broadcast around the world. It is during that small window of opportunity people watch gymnastics between commercials for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

We have nothing against the gymnastics shown during the Olympic games. They are downright amazing. However, we tend forget that the gymnastics shown on the Olympics are only one small type of gymnastics. For example, tiny girls flip and tumble across floor mats all alone for their Olympics medals. We don’t realize that there are other types of gymnastics that include more than one person!

That is exactly why this new video is so amazing! It shows a gymnastics team consisting of three Russian women. There are two tall women and one tiny partner. You soon see why the different sizes are needed. Only seconds into the routine, the two taller girls are flipping their shorter partner high into the air in an amazing display of acrobatics. The three then form incredible human sculptures by standing on top of each other. It is amazing to see these three women flip, climb, throw, pose, and dance to the gymnastic music across the floor. Most people have never seen anything like it!

After watching this video, you will want to compose a strongly worded letter to the International Olympic Committee. It’s far time an amazing gymnastic routine such as this gets to be seen on the world stage!

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