VIDEO: They Peer Into A River Canal, What They Find All Alone? This Is So Sad

A team of rescuers from Hope For Paws found a German Shepherd in the Los Angeles the River Canal. The dog was starving and had been living in a very dangerous area. The rescuers named the dog Adrienne.

Eldad, who was one of the rescuers, stated that he was a little nervous about rescuing Adrienne. He stated that even though he had rescued many dogs before, he became nervous as he got close to Adrienne. He said he did not know what to expect.

The rescuers carefully approached Adrienne because they did not want to wake her. They managed to place a leash around her neck and gave her cheeseburgers to calm her down. They were able to put her in the car and take her to the shelter.

Adrienne had to receive medical treatment because her paws were bleeding from walking on the concrete. She also received grooming. Adrienne has made an amazing transformation. Thanks to the love and care she has received at the shelter, she is now a beautiful, sweet and friendly dog.

The dog has made an amazing transformation. She has left the shelter and is now with a foster family. They pamper her every day.

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