VIDEO: They Gave Their Dog Some Ice Cream . Now Watch The Dog On The Right…

Any dog owner knows that dogs love treats. They will do almost anything for them, even if they are not obedient in other circumstances. These two dogs, Cooper and Daisy, are no exception to this rule. Their favorite treat is ice cream from McDonald’s. Even though they do not get it often, they really love it when they are able to have it.

Cooper is much bigger than Daisy is, so the owner usually gives Daisy the ice cream first. The video that shows this is quite entertaining.

What happens is that the owner presents the ice cream to the two dogs, and Cooper tries to grab it. However, she does not let him have it right away, and lets Daisy take a few licks first. The reason that she lets Daisy have the ice cream first, she explains, is what Cooper is going to do once it is given to him. After Daisy takes a few licks off of the ice cream cone, she give it to Cooper, who grabs it and devours the entire ice cream cone within a matter of seconds.

Any video that depicts the behavior of dogs can be very entertaining, especially to dog lovers. This one is particularly so, because it shows just how much Cooper loves his treat of ice cream. He does let Daisy take a few licks, but when it is his turn, he does not waste any time and just grabs the whole thing and makes it disappear almost instantly.

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