VIDEO: The Puppy Is Locked In A Glass Box. What The Pet Shop Does Is Incredible!

It is estimated that 72.9 million homes in America have at least one pet. However, there are many pets in a shelter looking for a home. When many people decide that they no longer can take care of their pet, they give it to a shelter.

They think that these animals will be well taken care of, but that is not always the case. Many animals who are placed in a shelter end up dying due to depression or diseases. Additionally, many shelters will euthanize an animal if they no longer have the room for it.

One pet shop has done something totally radical in order to get people to adopt a pet. They decided that they were going to replace the purebred dogs with dogs from a shelter. They also decided that they were going to give away the dogs for free. There is a video showing people going to the shelter to get a dog. When they are told that the dogs are free, they have a very hard time believing it at first.

Many people want to adopt a dog, but they cannot afford it. That is why the pet shop decided to give the dogs away for free.

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