VIDEO: The Judges Expected Him To Be Terrible When He Walked On Stage. But What He Does Is Amazing

Vladimir Georgievsky didn’t look like a superstar when he first took the stage at his audition for Britain’s Got Talent, with his unkempt hair and frumpy appearance. When asked by the judges what his talent was, the father of two simply stated that he liked to bounce around on the trampoline. He also claimed that he believed he could win the entire competition, words that would soon be put to the test.

Vladimir began his routine by climbing up a ladder, presumably so he could jump off the attached wooden platform onto the trampoline. However, things quickly took a shocking turn. Vladimir purposely slipped and landed on a rung of the ladder in a compromising (and painful) position. The audience gasped as Vladimir got up and made his way to the trampoline, where he promptly flipped over and got his head stuck between the springs.

He continued to the upbeat tune of Benny Goodman playing in the background, launching himself into the wooden platform he’d originally jumped off of. The crowd roared with laughter as Vladimir made another failed attempt at climbing the ladder.

He’d already won over the crowd by this point, but Vladimir went on to do several impressive tricks on the trampoline that garnered him awed looks from the judges. Finally, he swung down from his platform and received a standing ovation. Vladimir Georgievsky is walking (and stumbling) proof that we should never judge a book by its cover!

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