VIDEO: Take A Close Look At This Family Portrait. There’s A TERRIFYING Reason It’s Going Viral…

A Queensland, Australia’s posting of a family photo on Facebook has quickly become an internet sensation due to the mystery that involves a nearly century-old tragedy.

In 2014, Kim Davison and her friend Jessie Lu brought their three children to Murphy’s Hole at Lockyer River to swim. During the course of their day of fun, a photo was taken of the five individuals.

However, when they viewed the photograph, they noticed that a fourth child could be seen between the two adults. At the time the photo was taken, all that could be seen in this area was water.

Upon further investigation, Davison came to realize that almost 100 years before, a 13-year-old girl named Doreen Sullivan drowned in the exact location of her supposed image in the picture.

Davison also indicated that while swimming, her daughter twice felt something tugging on her leg. She herself felt as if someone was walking behind her as she left the water.

Davision eventually posted the photo on the Facebook page of the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, and explained the story to visitors of that page. Subsequently, experts looked at the photo and then examined the negative of the image, and were forced to admit that the light portion where the alleged ghost was came in the shape of a young girl.

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