Video Surfaces of Milo Yiannopolous Defending Pedophilea

A controversial editor of is in hot water after a politically conservative publication released a video that suggests he supports the idea of homosexual relationship between older men and boys.

Milo Yiannopoulos has been milking his 15 minutes of fame ever since Donald Trump started his campaign to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States. Although Yiannopoulos is British, his work as a politics analyst and director has placed him in the sphere of the right-wing community that supports nationalism and opposes American liberals.

In 2015, Yiannopoulos sat down with Joe Rogan to record a podcast interview. Although this popular podcast is mostly enjoyed as an audio program, video is also recorded for the purpose of distributing segments. It so happened that Yiannopoulos made certain comments on that podcast that are being rejected by many people who subscribe to the conservative political movement in the U.S.

Video of Yiannopoulos telling Joe Rogan that he is approves of consensual relationships between boys and men has been published by various websites and shared across the major social networks. Yiannopoulos specifically said young boys could receive safety, security and stability in the arms of older men; he even goes as far as calling such a prohibited situation a “coming of age” relationship.

Rogan voiced his disapproval of Yiannopoulos’ explanation immediately. He said that such relationships remind him of child abuse by deviant Catholic priests. Yiannopoulos replied with a controversial comment about learning fellatio from a priest.

As can be expected, the right-wing sphere in the U.S. has been appalled by the comments made by Yiannopoulos, particularly since he had been invited to speak at the next Conservative Political Action Conference. Members of the American gay community are also incensed because Yiannopoulos claimed that pedophilia is more accepted by homosexual men, which is not true.

In the gay community, May-December relationships are part of a lifestyle that condones romantic or sexual situations between men who share a drastic age difference. This is no different than the stereotype of younger women dating older men or even the other way around; however, the participants in these relationships are consenting adults. Yiannopoulos specifically mentioned young boys in his interview with Joe Rogan, who was visibly upset with his guest and seemed ready to physically remove him from his recording studio, which happens to be his own garage.

Yiannopoulos was once considered by President Donald Trump to be a White House advisor just like Steve Bannon, who used to hold a prominent position at Like Bannon, Yiannopoulos has pushed the boundaries of racial tolerance and has cultivated an air of controversy through the projection of a caustic and outrageous personality.

In recent weeks, Yiannopoulos has seen his image tarnished by an unfortunate appearance on HBO-s Real Time with Bill Maher, where he was cut down in a discussion by sharp guests such as Larry Willmore.

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