VIDEO: Spread Salt On Wax Paper, Then Grab An Iron. The Result Will Have You Taking Notes

On any given day, one can easily find money-saving lifestyle hacks using typical household ingredients or supplies. However, recently one enterprising individual took the time to demonstrate via video a number of ingenious ideas that make life a little easier by using nothing more than table salt.

Many have experienced an oh no moment involving an iron. Use the wrong setting or leave the hot appliance on an article of clothing too long and disaster occurs. The situation is easily remedied using a piece of tin foil or wax paper and a generous sprinkling of salt. Run the iron over the salt and the surface is soon like brand new.

While many may have a fire extinguisher on hand in the kitchen in the event of an emergency, salt comes to the rescue in a pinch. If grease in a pan or other surface should ignite, merely cover the fire with salt to smother the flames. Salt also serves as a natural scrubbing cleanser to easily clean the pan without a lot of elbow grease. Greasy sponges are a thing of the past when combining salt in warm water. Put the sponge in the liquid and leave overnight. The next morning, the sponge is remarkably clean.

Similarly, combine equal quantities of salt and turpentine for scrubbing hard to remove stains on porcelain. Just make sure that the room is well ventilated. For nasty drain clogs, pour a generous amount of salt down the affected drain. Follow this with plain vinegar. Once bubbling subsides, finish the task with a pot full of boiling water.

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