VIDEO: Sleepy Panda Starts Playing With His Blanket And Tried Covering His Face Like My Kids Do

Animal behavior can be very entertaining to watch. Since they cannot speak to us, it is hard to know what is going on in their heads. However, it is clear that there is a lot going on in those brains, possibly more than we will ever know.

Panda bears are known to be quite funny to watch in some situations. Da Mao is a giant panda who lives in the Toronto Zoo, and he provides some entertainment in a video that was shot of him while he was sitting on his bed of logs ready to go to sleep.

He had an blanket given to him by the staff at the Zoo as a “form of enrichment,” and he was sidetracked from his goal of sleeping when he started to play with his blanket in an unexpected way.

The blanket was hanging over his head on some of the logs that were a part of his bed, and he started to tug at it. He then pulled it over his head, until it covered his entire face. After this, he started moving around such that the blanket was covering almost his entire moving body. This video is absolutely adorable and hilarious to watch, since it shows that this panda bear had a lot more on his mind than most people would give animals credit for.

It is clear that he originally wanted to sleep, but then he was distracted by his surroundings, a situation to which many people can relate.

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