VIDEO: She’s Tiny, But What Comes Out Of Her Mouth Had Judges Convinced She Was Way Older

Auditions for The Voice in Australia have found some incredible talent so far, but most pale in comparison with one of the most recent competitors to take the stage.

After fewer than three words from the contestant’s mouth, the judges were mesmerized. Within forty seconds, their chairs began to turn around to find out who this angelic voice belonged to. To their surprise, they were faced with a nine-year-old girl singing and swaying in a bright pink dress. Uttering responses such as “that’s it, she’s it,” and with jaws dropping, three out of the four judges showed interest in Australia’s own Molly.

When asked why she wanted to be on the Voice, the charming little girl replied, “I love singing and it’s my favorite thing to do and my whole family sings.” Afterward, the tables were turned and instead of Molly singing her heart out to be on the voice, three of the four judges were all but beginning the little heart breaker to be on their team.

Molly admitted she wanted to be on Delta’s team, the only judge who did not turn her chair around during Molly’s heart-rendering performance. In the end, she chose Mel’s team, and only time will tell as to whether or not this little love will make it all the way. Signs point to “yes.”

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