VIDEO: She’s Ready To Give In, But Then Her Horse Does The Unexplainable…

Alcyia Burton is a horse trainer. While training horses is not the most common job, it’s one that’s been heard of before. Alcyia is not a typical horse trainer though because she rides and jumps her horse bareback and without the use of a bridle. There’s no stirrups for her feet, no pommel or horn of a saddle to hang on to, and no bridle to control her horse with. Even seasoned horse riders would find this an amazing feat!

It wasn’t always this way for Alcyia though. She spent many years wandering through her life lost and without hope before she would go on to realize her potential and find her calling. She dropped out of school. At that time, her calling seemed to be a life involving alcohol abuse. Fortunately, all of that would change when Alcyia reached out to God and put her life in His hands.

City Impact Church welcomed Alycia. She put her faith in God and then found her calling, training horses. She began working with troubled horses because she felt like she understood them better than most people since she had once been troubled herself.

Now, she and her horse, Classic Goldrush, are internet sensations as they show off their amazing riding and jumping skills.

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