VIDEO: She’s Hiding Her Face From Cameras. When Mama Starts Talking I Understand Why…LOL

I bet you can name dozens of contemporary comedians. Thanks to the internet and video streaming, comedians have more exposure than ever. Thankfully, this also means master comedians from the past can now try to stack up against their contemporary peers. Frequently, the past is so much better! It’s true! This is exactly what you learn when you take a peek at a Carol Burnett blooper reel from the insanely popular Carol Burnett Show. The Carol Burnett Show ran from 1967 until 1978.

The video shows a skit from the show. The skit starts out as a normal skit, but something quickly changes. The audience and the performers find the material hysterical. They all can’t keep from laughing. At one point in the skit, you can see three heads bent downwards. You can tell from their shaking bodies that they are desperately trying to hide their laughing faces from the camera!

A skit that should have been over in only two minutes takes almost five minutes because of all the pauses the performers need to take to keep from busting at the seams with laughter. The video is already funny because of the material. However, the performers hiding their laughter and soldiering through the performance takes the video to an entirely new level.

What do you think? Does this material measure up to the comedians of today? Do you think contemporary comedians would have been able to keep a straight face throughout? Let us know in the comments below!

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