VIDEO: She Was Having The Performance Of A Lifetime, Then The Entire Stadium Screamed With Fear.

It was not the routine Italian gymnast Sara Berardinelli planned to do, but it was nonetheless amazing. Much of that amazement was due to the quick thinking, and quick reactions, of her coach.

While performing at the L’International Gymnix in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Berardinelli prepared to perform a routine on the uneven bars. She began her swings, and everything looked fine.

But when Berardinelli went for a backflip at the top of one rotation, she hit the bar wrong and spiraled toward the mat, head first. Luckily, her coach was in the right place at the right time and caught her a split second before she landed on her head. Undeterred by the close call, Berardinelli slapped some gym chalk on her hands to better her grip and returned to continue her routine.

Her coach helped her up onto the uneven bars, and Berardinelli began her rotations. She went for another flip, and again struck the bar. Again, Berardinelli fell to the mat. Ever alert, her coach was on the scene and caught her again. The crowd applauded, no doubt many of those applause for the coach who prevented Berardinelli from suffering serious injury. To her credit, Berardinelli saluted the crowd and left the mat, looking unfazed by what had transpired.

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