VIDEO: She Was Expecting Normal Quadruplets, You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING Truth…WOW!

A woman named Emma delivered four boys in the UK. This might not seem like anything out of the ordinary, but there was something special about the births that was shocking to the mother. The boys were delivered by C-section. They were six minutes apart, within normal limits for quadruplets. These boys were born on a leap year day. This is the first thing that is special about them.

Although they were born about three months early, doctors were able to keep them healthy. When the babies were born, two of them were identical. This is something that is not common, but it’s possible with quadruplets. When doctors started paying attention to three of the boys, they noticed that there was a chance that they could be identical.

Which would leave one of the boys on his own. When Emma learned she was pregnant with the babies, her doctor tried to get her to abort two of her children so that the other two would have the nutrients needed to survive.

Not only did she get pregnant with the babies naturally, she also took her babies home after they were only in the hospital for two months. These babies are fighters, and at six months old, they are happier than ever.

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