VIDEO: She Was Completely Oblivious, Then She Noticed What They Were Trying to Tell Her. LOL!

There is a short video clip from the television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” of a daughter trying to tell her mother about her recent marriage proposal. However, she tries to do in a very subtle way. It takes the mom a little while to figure out what her daughter is trying to tell her.

The daughter shows her mother her hand and says that she forgot to paint her fingernails. Her mother does not notice the engagement ring at first. She seems to be more interested in the outfit her daughter has on. She compliments her daughter on her earrings instead and asks where the earrings were purchased from. She also compliments her daughter on her jacket.

The daughter once again says that she forgot to paint her nails hoping that her mom would notice the ring on her finger. Her mother tells her that it is okay that she did not paint her fingernails.

Her father is also in the video and asks about her nails. The mother does eventually notice the ring on her daughter’s finger. When she does notice the ring, she screams and jumps for joy. She also congratulates her daughter on her upcoming marriage.

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