VIDEO: She Walks Toward The Elephants And Reaches Out. How They React Left Me With A Huge Grin

At the zoo, you can expect to see some cute sights. You might even help feed a giraffe, pet a goat or have an exotic bird land on your head. What you don’t expect is to find yourself playing catch with a 12,000 pound animal.

A couple vacationing at the zoo did just that. Noticing a rock rolling out of an elephant enclosure, they tossed it casually back in, but they weren’t rolling out, they were being tossed out by a large Indian elephant. The couple decided to start recording as they engaged in a game of catch, tossing the same stone back and forth. While the elephant never directly caught any of the throws, it is remarkable how amazing its aim was. Multiple shots landed directly in the woman’s hand, tossed by the elephant’s trunk.

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and, despite their size, know how to be surprisingly gentle. It seems to have no problem finding the exact same rock or giving a perfect underhand throw. In fact, the two start having so much fun, another nearby African elephant heads over to get a front row seat.

Elephants like this one are part of every zoo’s conservation programs which help protect the remaining elephants left on the planet. While their adorable looks, compassion and intelligence might be enough for most tourists to take notice, this one seems to have its own way of getting attention.

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