VIDEO: She Took Stale Hamburger Buns And Threw It In A Crock Pot. The End Result? AWESOME!

Finding a use for such things as leftover hamburger buns was the subject of a video on the website that primarily involves the use of a crock pot and some simple items most people have around the house to make French Toast.

Cinnamon, milk, sugar, eggs, and a small bit of brown sugar are poured into a bowl and mixed together. At that point, the leftover buns (or regular toast) are dropped in the mix and then placed in the crock pot. Any leftover mix is also poured into it.

The crock pot is then turned on warm for eight hours, which can either take place late at night, or before leaving for work or school if the choice is to have the french toast for dinner. When that’s completed, the food is ready for eating.

While many people consider French Toast to be a breakfast meal, the aspect of having it for dinner is to avoid having to come home after a long day of work or school and then have to cook up a meal. In some cases, you can lengthen the time needed to cook to 10 or 12 hours by adjusting the switch on the crock pot to low.

This offering helps take products that may not be used for a while, or could even be thrown out, and turns them into delicious options that can be enjoyed.

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