VIDEO: She Steps Out Of Her Car To Encounter THIS And It Left Wiping Tears From My Face

There has been a recent increase in the campaigning against texting and driving, and for good reason. This has become more and more of a problem in recent years, as texting has become one of the most prominent ways to conveniently contact someone.

When people are driving, despite all of the commercials they may have seen, they are likely to think that it doesn’t apply to them, because they will be careful. After all, it is only a quick text, and they will not be taking their eyes off of the road for long. Unfortunately, it does not take a long time to cause an accident that could leave multiple people injured or even dead.

This chilling PSA shows just one example of the consequences of texting and driving. what happens is that a young girl is driving with her friend, and she texts her mom. She isn’t paying attention to where she is going, and her car happens to veer into the other lane.

Everything comes to a stop, and an imaginary sequence is played where she gets out of the car and talks to the woman in the car coming towards them. It is clear that she just thought it would be a harmless text. It goes back to reality, and the woman in the other car with all of her children are shown, as are the girl and her friend, right before the cars crash.

What a powerful way to tell people not to text and drive.

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