VIDEO: She Started With Cheap Paper Lantern, When She Was Finished? Coolest Thing Ever

There are many do it yourself projects that involve transforming something very ordinary into something amazing. This girl shows us one of them when she turns a set of cheap and commonplace paper lanterns into something that looks absolutely surreal, from a dream or a fairy tale. She actually makes a cloud that looks absolutely beautiful.

This project is surprisingly easy as well. All you need is a hot glue gun, paper lanterns, a string of LED lights, and cotton batting. This craft goes really well in a child’s play room or bedroom, or you could use it for a bridal shower. This girl actually used hers for a baby shower.

First, use the hot glue gun to cover your paper lanterns with the cotton batting. Then, string your lights through them, and glue the lanterns together. Add some more cotton batting to make the cloud appear as one cloud. Then, hang the entire thing from the ceiling and plug the lights into your outlet. You now have a mystical and magical cloud filled with light.

This craft is definitely worth the small amount of effort that you will have to put into it. You will love the effect that it creates within a room, and it can absolutely just make the atmosphere of a room. You will feel like you are walking into a fantasy land when you walk into a room that has a cloud like this. It is great for anyone who wants to feel like this.

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