VIDEO: She Saw A Dog Abandoned In The Middle Of A Storm, So She Races To Save Him

If you’re one of the few who actually enjoys extreme weather, Denver, Colorado might be a good location for you. In the summer, the city gets scorching heat waves while the winter if often characterized by extremely cold temperatures and blizzards at time. Mother Nature certainly doesn’t spare Colorado.

In the summer, violent thunderstorms that start with little warning are relatively common. You can be enjoying a beautiful sunny day and just hours later you will get pouring rain, often with severe lightning and hail. While this phenomenon would be rare during the summer season in other states, hail falling out of the sky happens on a regular basis during Colorado summers.

When the latest thunderstorm showed up, Casey Boatman was lucky enough to be inside his home. But by looking out the window, he saw that there was one creature that didn’t have his luck. A dog was trying to find shelter under a tree, seemingly abandoned by his owner. Then, something truly amazing happened. His neighbor rushed out to bring the dog to safety. Braving pouring rain and copious amount of hail, the woman went out and brought the dog into her own despite the fact that it wasn’t her own pet.

A video shows her approaching the dog, who seemed quite fine with her presence. She then gently led him to her house so that he could be safe from the hail and pouring rain outside. The dog didn’t hesitate for too long before going in.

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