VIDEO: She Pulls Her Hair Back, Then Makes A Few Simple Moves. The Result? Coolest Hair Ever!

One of the many perks to being female is the ability to style out hair. We can wear it up or down, hat or no hat, straight or curly, and so on. Pretty awesome right?

Even the best of us sometimes get into a style slump where we return to our go to hair style like a pony tail or messy bun. Well ladies it is time to get out of that rut and add some new flavor to your hair. Braids are simple and very chic plus there are a multitude of types sure to find any type or length of hair.

Check out this awesome instructional video on how to make a waterfall braid. First gather the essential tools: brush, comb, bobby pins, and an elastic. Then grab three strands of hair as you normally would for a standard braid. The trick is to alternate dropping out a piece of hair when taking a new one in.

Go for a short or long waterfall braid and tie it up with an elastic when it is completed. The end result is something out of a fashion magazine. If you are the best braider in the world, grab a friend and work together to achieve the look.

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