VIDEO: She Lays On And Lifts Up Her Shirt. What Her Husband Captured? OMG!

Many expectant mothers talk about how neat it is to feel the movement of their unborn child, but this husband recorded some extraordinary movements coming from the baby inside of his wife.

The expectant mother appeared to be experiencing some huge movements from her unborn child as she was lying on the couch.

During the video, you can almost make out the outline of the baby’s feet and arms as they move around in the mother’s stomach.

At certain moments throughout the video, it almost seems as if the baby’s hands are going to punch right through the mother’s stomach. Her husband seems enthralled, laughing and talking excitedly throughout the entire video.

Near the end of the video, another child enters the room, and begins to notice the strange movements coming from the mother’s stomach.

The viewer is able to see huge movements coming from the baby inside that happen at a consistent rate throughout the 1 minute and thirty second video. Movements from a growing fetus are normal, especially during the third trimester.

According to WebMD, it is normal for a baby to move around about once ever two minutes while in the womb. You are also more likely to feel the movements when you are either sitting or lying down, just like the mother in this video.

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