VIDEO: She Finds A Lost Dog On The Highway. What It Leads Her Too? The Truth Is Horrifying

Kathy Wilkes-Myrers was minding her own business as she strolled along a highway, only to discover something out of the ordinary. While some might see the occurrence as nothing more than s tray animal, Kathy’s instincts convinced her that Ella, an abandoned canine, had been owned by people before. Indeed, Ella’s body language and behavior supported Kathy’s hypothesis. When Kathy discovered Ella, the dog was considerably malnourished and had likely been subsisting on the water within a nearby drain.

While it is not a freak incident for uncaring individuals to discard a dog like trash, Ella’s atypical behavior convinced Kathy to do some research. Looking through some records, Kathy recalled that the site she encountered Ella overlapped with a tragic car wreck. When Kathy went back to the site to perform a more thorough investigation, she stumbled upon debris from the wreck and several personal effects; Ella had been scavenging the remnants in order to remain with her family.

While this animal behavior may seem strange, it is not without precedent. A similar tale exists of an owner becoming separated from her dog for half a decade, yet the dog perfectly remembered her owner during their reunion. While Kathy believed that the family was killed in the incident, further research revealed that Ella had been dislodged from the incident and the rescue workers had not noticed her.

On a positive note, Kathy’s vested interest in Ella revealed that the dog’s family survived the crash and allowed the family to reunite.

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