VIDEO: She Fed Her Baby French Fries To Stop Him From Crying. 3 Decades Later? DEVASTATING

There was a video posted online that will hopefully serve as a wakeup call for many people. The video shows a 32 year-old man who had a heart attack.

It also shows flashbacks of the man’s life where he is seen eating large amounts of unhealthy foods. It also showed him when he was a baby. His mother fed him French fries in order to get him to stop crying. As a result of his unhealthy lifestyle choices, he ended up weighing over 300 pounds and suffered his first heart attack at the age of 32.

Obesity is a serious health problem in America. It is estimated that 35 percent of people in America are obese. There are many conditions that are linked to obesity, including type 2 diabetes, obesity and certain forms of cancer. Many people are trying desperately to get their weight under control. In fact, billions of dollars are spent on weight loss products every year.

Losing weight is not easy. However, there are many resources that are available to help people start living healthier lives. It is also important for people to keep the health effects in mind when they are reaching for certain foods, such as a juicy burger or a milkshake.

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