VIDEO: She Draws Eyebrows On Her Cheeks. Then She Does THIS, When I Look At Her? MY HEAD HURTS

Halloween is coming up rapidly — there’s no denying that. Promise is a well-known Youtube makeup expert who wanted to celebrate that fact by posting a simultaneously fun and eerie makeup tutorial video clip. In the video, she accomplishes a “Double Vision” style that’s exactly what it sounds like. She essentially draws two of all of the different parts of her face, from her mouth and nose to her eyes and eyebrows. Yes, it’s truly as bizarre as it sounds.

While accomplishing this makeup style is indeed on the time-consuming side, the results are sure to be rewarding for Halloween lovers who want to shock and fascinate everyone on the night of October 31st this year.

Promise wows the world with her Double Vision makeup style by showcasing her amazing cosmetic abilities. She tries her very hardest to make sure the look is as authentic and believable as can be, complete with highlighting, skilled contouring and false eyelashes. Promise is such a makeup virtuoso that it becomes difficult to differentiate between “real” and “fake” facial features toward the end of the video clip.

It’s important to note, however, that while the video clip is definitely mesmerizing and cool, it’s not the easiest thing to look at continuously. Promise even states that herself in the video. She alerts her viewers to the possibility that looking at the Double Vision look for an extended period of time may cause brain ache for them — yikes.

Not only is it fun to watch Promise achieve this makeup look, but it’s also extremely fun to watch her go out in public and see how the people who look at her respond to his out of this world makeup style. Needless to say, their responses are definitely extremely memorable.

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