VIDEO: She Asks Who Made The Mess. How Her Dog Responds Has Me Dying!

Abby is an adorable French bulldog that has a mischievous streak. When her family left the house, she immediately began taking advantage of her newfound freedom. After wildly jumping onto the furniture and streaking throughout the house, Abby ran into the bathroom. Her humans never let her into the bathroom, so she could not resist playing in the forbidden area while they were gone.

Abby shredded toilet paper and dragged it throughout the house. She even wrapped piles of it around herself to create a toilet paper dress. Though her puppy companion, Charlie, had been witnessing all of her antics, she thought he would cover for her when the humans got back home. Her mother repeatedly asks “Did you make this mess?” However, Abby does not crack under the pressure. She stares up with big puppy eyes and tries to look as innocent as possible.

Then, her human turns to Charlie and begins to ask about who made the mess. Charlie guiltily glances at Abby and tries not to answer. But he is repeatedly asked “Who made this mess? She did?” Charlie eventually breaks and points right to Abby! Though she continues to glare defiantly and not admit to it, Abby’s guilt is evident.

This whole hilarious exchange was caught on video. It is so adorable that it is not surprising to see it going viral on Facebook. Watch it now to see Abby attempting to deny the crazy mess that she created while her owners were gone.

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