Video Presents People With Their DNA Results – Forces Confrontation With Our Own Biases

Recently, a travel site called Momondo took almost 70 people into a room. There were questions asked about patriotism along with the biases that some people have against other countries and races. Each person was asked to spit into a tube. A DNA test would be conducted to determine just how diverse the group really was, but no one expected some of the reactions that were seen.

After a few weeks, the group gathered together again to get the DNA results. One of the participants is an Englishman and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Germans or the country, but he found out he has a small amount of German in him. A video was made of his reaction as well as the reactions of some of the other people in the group. It shows that people should put aside their biases because in reality, the world is made of a blend of nationalities.

Some of the people were nervous about the results. When they were told that they had in their DNA the nationality that they don’t like, they cried. Some cried because they finally knew a bit about their roots. There were a few who appeared angry in the video while some simply couldn’t believe what they were told.

One woman thought she was French and thought that her entire family was French, but found out that she is 32% British. There are some people who have numerous countries that make up their DNA. There would be no such thing as hatred and division in the world if everyone knew what they were made of entirely.

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