VIDEO: Parents Wonder What Chobani Yogurt Is Trying To Sell With This Risque Ad

It is this very type of ad that fuels suspicions among Christians and family values voters that Hollywood and big corporate interests are pushing an indoctrination agenda onto children. Whether that is true in this instance or not, Chobani has acknowledged that an ad promoting the pure natural taste of their yogurt was not supposed to air at 7:30 AM on networks running children’s programming. One might say the ad was targeted at mature audiences.

As for the ad itself, it features an undressed woman covered by a white bed sheet in a luxury bungalow by the sea. She has in her hand Chobani yogurt which she is eating along to narration about how natural the food product is for consumers. Her presumed lover can be seen sleeping off on one side of the bed, but they are covered so as to not be able to identify their gender. Eventually, the first woman eating the Chobani reaches out to her partner wherein it is revealed she too is a woman.

For one organization called One Million Moms, the commercial was inappropriate. Regardless of how a person comes down on the issue of same sex attraction, the commercial’s message was clear: lesbianism is as natural as Chobani’s yogurt.

If the comments posted to the YouTube video are any indication of a consensus, the majority of viewers disapproved of their children watching the ad. Chobani admits they have a specific campaign in mind with the ad, but it was not designed to be aired before children.

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