VIDEO: Oops! This Is Why You Should NEVER Tease A Dog. Did They Get What They Deserve?

Teasing a dog/cat is such a shameful thing to do as a human being. Dogs react in a way that humans could think is either funny or adorable, but what they sometimes don’t understand is it could be annoying or harmful to the dog.

Dogs can retaliate in such a violent or rebellious way towards their owner. The video shown is a great example of what could happen when owners tease their dogs. In the beginning of this video, the owners are shown laughing while using a very loud noise maker, called a vuvuzela.

A vuvuzela is a foreign instrument that is used for the Soccer World Cup. The dog is seen wagging it’s tail while running back and forth, almost as if the dog is enjoying it. Every time they stop making the noise with the vuvuzela, the dog comes up and sniffs the instrument to check it out.

The two then wait for the dog to continue sniffing the object, then start making the noise again in the dogs face just to see their dogs reaction to the annoying sound. But, the dog rebels and urinates on the floor as a sign of being scared or annoyed.

Dogs can turn at anytime, it could be long after you’ve teased him, or during, wether it be just urinating on the floor or much worse.

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