VIDEO: Once Her Mouth Opened And She Started To Sing It Immediately Sent Chills Down My Spine

The little girl that performed on this video is named Jackie Evancho. She is ten years old and was discovered after appearing on television on the show “America’s Got Talent.” She performed and competed on this show and ended up at the end of the season in second place.

David Foster who is a famous record producer and song writer, has worked with some of the most famous singers in Hollywood, discovered her on that show. He quickly saw the talent that she had and started having her perform all of the world.

He also had her perform on a television special for the holidays called “Christmas in Rockefeller Center.” Jackie performed a duet of “Silent Night” with a famous classical singer from Wales named Katherine Jenkins.

She both performed one of the most stunning performances on television in a very long time. It was just unbelievable that a ten year old child had this kind of talent and could put on a performance of this magnitude.

She sang and sounded just like an adult with a rich, full sound that carried through the crowd as well as did Katherine Jenkins. Both of their voices came together in a beautiful combination that represented what the season of Christmas is about.

It was just unbelievable and so touching the way they sang that song. Jackie has now put out two albums of her own music, one of them comprised of Christmas music. If you really want a treat, you have to see this video; it will touch in a beautiful way.

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