VIDEO: Never Again Will I Cut A Watermelon Any Other Way Again. BRILLIANT!

There are life hacks for seemingly everything nowadays, so a new life hack shouldn’t surprise anyone. Yes, even a life hack for watermelons.

Previous life hacks for watermelons have floated around on the internet, such as the hack that makes it possible to turn a watermelon into a portable keg of some sort for alcoholic beverages– but they haven’t solved for the problem of watermelons not being easily shareable.

A new life hack, however, does! To make the most of a watermelon, it is pretty simple.

First, get a sharp knife. Then cut either across the length or width of the melon, in sections, much like you would with a loaf of bread. You should have the watermelon in sections by this point.

Next, you will use the same knife, and cut across either the length or width– whichever side you didn’t start with– making little squares or cubes of watermelon. The pieces should pull out easily from the grander watermelon, making it perfect for sharing amongst a number of people.

See? Not so hard. This hack makes eating watermelon not only so much more fun, but so much cleaner. Go ahead, share it with your friends! Just remember to use a sharp knife, cut all the way through, and ultimately, be careful. You’ll have fun all of this upcoming summer with this trick!

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