VIDEO: Mom Holds Her Stillborn Baby Closer To Her Heart And This Photo Goes Viral

Giving birth to a stillborn baby is a horrible experience for any parent to have to go through. When you were anticipating being able to raise a child, and the baby is stillborn, it is an absolute tragedy. Additionally, people do not know how to address this issue properly when it happens. A lot of the time, people will treat the parents as if the incident never happened.

Richard and Emily Staley of California went through this horrible ordeal when she delivered a baby girl who was stillborn.

However, instead of simply grieving their child like many parents would, they decided to do something different. They enlisted the help of Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro, a professional photographer, to take a series of pictures of the delivery of their baby and of Emily cradling her stillborn baby.

The pictures were posted to Facebook afterwards. The parents did this with the goal of raising awareness of stillborn births and battling the stigma that is involved. The response that they have gotten so far is a very positive one, and they seem to have done what they set out to do.

Giving birth to a stillborn child is hard enough without having to deal with other people’s undesirable responses to the situation. As such, while it is very sad that this couple had to lose their baby, what they did will likely be helping a lot of parents in similar situations. They can rest assured that their child did serve her purpose in the world.

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