VIDEO: Just When You Thought Rush Limbaugh Couldn’t Get Any More Racist He Does THIS

James Bond is a beloved character of several action movies. These movies are well known for their story lines as well as for the character of James Bond himself. The highly quotable movies are the subject of Rush Limbaugh’s latest tirade.

Limbaugh is mad this time at the prospect of Idris Elba playing the James Bond character in an upcoming movie. Limbaugh is upset because as he puts it “James Bond is white and Scottish”. This does not fit with Idris who is African American.

The fact that Elba is even being considered for the role is only a known fact because of the hack against Sony Entertainment that has been blamed on North Korea. When the hacked information was leaked out, this little fact was one of the things that was presented to the public. As such, Limbaugh jumped on this and started to become quite angry that Idris Elba was even begin considered for the role.

The creator of the James Bond series Ian Fleming never created an African American version of James Bond insists Limbaugh and he does not believe that movie producers should do this either. It is his contention that the character should remain white and Scottish.

One has to wonder what Limbaugh’s obsession on this being the way that it should be really stems from. Is he really just afraid that classic movies that he loves and grew up with are now going to feature a black man?

This is just speculation of course, but one thing is known for sure, and that is that Limbaugh is not happy with the possible choice of Elba as Bond.

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