VIDEO: I’ve Seen Tons Of People Covering This Song. But None Come Close To This High Schoolers

A teenage girl from Seoul Music High School recently did an amazing cover of Adele’s latest hit entitled “Hello.” The girl took a more melancholic approach to the song than the original singer did. In Adele’s version of the song, she expresses both fury and pain in the song. Her version of the song also had an element of female empowerment in it. However, the approach that the teenage girl took was different from the original.

The girl’s version of Adele’s song truly embodies the lasting pain that one experiences after a failed relationship.

It embodies the feelings that people feel long after the anger stage ends. In order to achieve this somber effect, the teenage girl varies her timbre, tone and facial expressions throughout the song. The song has a lackluster start, but the singer is trying to show how her feelings evolve throughout the song.

The way that the girl sings the song makes it easy for anyone who has ever lost a kindred spirit or loved one to relate to. Three million people around the world have fallen in love with the girl’s voice. The video of her singing has also been shared on Facebook over 3,100 times.

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