VIDEO: I Thought He Was Keeled Over In Pain. But Really, He Was Showing You A Life Saving Move

Have you ever experienced being in a choking incident? Choking on food can be very dangerous, and trying to clear your airways can be very scary. Properly understand how to clear it on your own is key to ensuring that you avoid staying choked. Jeff Rehman demonstrates in this video how powerful a simple maneuver on your knees can save your entire life if you were in a situation where you were choking. Mr. Rehman learned this technique when he was boxing back in the 80’s and 90’s, and he has been using it to help educate others.

This trick can be used to help strengthen the abdominal muscles, but in case of being in a choking situation, this works perfectly.

The key to doing this correctly is to make sure you get on all fours. Bend down and get onto your knees, and then place your hands onto the floor. The next step is to let your arms out in front of you, and then let your body drop down and allow for your entire stomach to drop down forwards onto the floor. This will cause for the upper body airways to be pushed through. While it isn’t a 100% guarantee to work, anything to try when you’re in a dangerous situation like when you’re choking can be worth doing.

The key to making sure this works is to actually doing it a few times right now just so that you’re prepared. It’s vital that you let your entire airway blow properly.

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