VIDEO: I Have Never Seen A Bunch Of Men Act Like THIS. Do Men Ever Grow Up? LOL!

Many golfers will say that while putting me look easy, it is actually one of the most deceptively difficult parts of the game. You are only feet away from the hole, but it takes skill to be able to hit the ball the exact right distance, so that it gets into the hole. That is why this video can be appreciated by anyone who has ever tried to improve their golf game.

The video features six students of the Golf Academy of America in Orlando performing and succeeding at a trick shot. The Academy was so impressed that they uploaded this video on to YouTube. It was said that Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo of ESPN Radio refer to this video as the “Best Available Video.”

The video is only 17 seconds long, but what it captures is pretty cool. Basically, 6 golfers are lined up with their golf clubs I’m about to hit balls into a hole. at the same time, they tee off, and all six balls go into the hole, one by one. The reaction of these men is one that most people would not expect to see from a group of older men. They are jumping down and screaming in happiness. It is fun to watch how something seemingly so small, yet fairly unlikely when you think about it, and can make grown men so happy that they actually start running around and yelling in jubilation.

This video is worth watching, especially you golf fans.

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