VIDEO: I Had No Idea That Salt Could Do THIS And Neither Did I. This Is Pure Genius!

Salt isn’t just the MVP of your dinner table. This least expensive of all the flavorings has a wealth of household uses that can make your life easier. You probably know that the best way to put out a grease fire is to pour salt on it to smother the flames, and, if you don’t, it’s time to learn.

And, if you’ve left some food burning on a pan too long, cover the pan with a little salt, add some water, and swirl it around for about 10 minutes. The salt mixture will clean the particles for you. Also, let salt sit for about 10 minutes on a dropped egg to make cleanup easier. Or, to clean a sticky iron, move the hot iron back and forth over a little salt on wax paper for about a minute. Out of bathroom cleaner?

Try an even mixture of turpentine and salt for a sparkling tub. An even amount of salt and baking soda poured down a drain and chased with white vinegar can take care of even the gnarliest hair clogs.

And perhaps the best use of salt is to clean a greasy sponge. Mix two cups of water with a quarter cup of salt and let the sponge soak overnight. In the morning, it’s like you have a brand new sponge waiting for you!

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