VIDEO: His Mom Has To Wrap Him Up Everyday Like A “Mummy”. The Reason Is So Sad

There are some things that mothers do that don’t make sense. This mother wanted to do something for her teenage son because he suffers from a skin condition. It’s one of the worst conditions that someone can get, and it causes intense pain.

The young boy is a fan of hockey, and he has wanted to play the sport for quite some time. One of the things that the mother has to help her son with is his bath. This is a painful experience for the son as well as the mother as she has to see the pain he endures.

The boy is an advocate for a group in Canada that supports children with the same condition that he has. He wants to make sure everyone knows about the disease and that there are ways to live with the condition. Even though this young man is in severe pain, he shows extreme courage in everything that he does.

One of the things that his mother does is wrap him like a mummy when he takes a bath. This is so that he doesn’t feel the water. This mother will do anything in order to make her child comfortable so that he lives as normal of a life as possible. When the child is in the bath, the bandages are removed and new bandages are applied after he is dried.

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