VIDEO: Hillary Breaks Down Gay Marriage So The Thick Headed Close Minded Jerks Can Understand It

Hillary Clinton has just publicized her views on gay rights and gay marriage. No matter what a person believes, or whether they identify with conservatives or Liberals, a clear argument can be made that the legalization of gay marriage is the right thing to do. She talks about her views and explains the reasoning for them in this video.

She talks at length about people who disagree with her opinion regarding gay marriage and gay rights in general. She then talks about the people to whom these potential laws pertain, and described them as individuals who are worth fighting for.

She goes on to admit that she has not always felt this way, and that her views on this matter have evolved over time. She also talks about how the country has evolved over time. Hillary goes on to say that the debate on gay rights be done in a way that is respectful and fair to the people that the debate concerns. What may really hit home for some people is the way in which she describes the fight for gay rights to the fight for gender equality which really took place in the past and is still taking place in many ways.

Hillary Clinton definitely has some strong views on this particular matter, and she makes some very valid points as well. It will be interesting to see how she does in the upcoming presidential election in 2016, and what happens as a result of the election itself.

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