VIDEO: He’s Been Heavy All His Life, Now He is On A Mission to Lose 400 Pounds By Doing This

Richard Widmark has struggled with his weight for his entire life. As an overweight teenager, he was the victim of a significant amount of bullying. The abuse became so severe that he dropped out of high school. As an adult, he ballooned to over 700 pounds.

Eating became the way that Richard coped with the problems in his life. He used the consumption of unhealthy food as a stress reliever. Widmark later began to suffer from severe depression.

He even made an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide. Richard was eventually diagnosed with diabetes. His diagnosis helped him find a new path forward. Richard is now making a significant amount of progress by eating healthy foods, including lots of fruit and vegetables, and by doing yoga exercises.

Richard’s goal is to lose 400 pounds, over half of his body weight at its peak. He has already managed to lose twenty pounds over the past six weeks. Richard exercises regularly by doing poses, sweating, and stretching.

Although life once seemed bleak, Richard now believes that he has a very bright and happy future ahead of him. His story can be an inspiration for millions of other people who are struggling with their weight.

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