VIDEO: Her Son Had A Wish That No Mother Would Ever Want To Fulfill. But She Did And I’m Crying

Zhou Lou and her son Chen Xiaotian were a very happy family. However, they were struck with a tragedy that changed their lives for the worse forever. When Chen was five years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor continued to grow, and doctors informed Chen that her son probably would not live to adulthood. A few months later, Zhou was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Chen eventually lost his sight due to the tumor and was bedridden. Zhou was getting better, but doctors informed her that she needed a kidney transplant. She found out that her son would be the perfect match, but she refused. Chen heard about this, and he confronted his mother about it.

He told his mother that he wanted her to have his kidney. Even though she did not want to, the Zhou eventually decided to comply with her son’s wishes. Zhou was saddened by the fact that her son would die, but she was comforted because a part of her son would always live inside of her.

Chen died on April 2, 2014. His other kidney was donated to a 21 year-old girl. His liver was donated to a 27 year-old man. Chen loved his mother dearly, and he believed that the best gift he could give her was the gift of life.

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