VIDEO: Her Sick Pet Is Terrified By The Loud Noises… How She Calms Him Down Is Adorable

It can be really hard to watch someone you love in pain. Whether it is another person or a beloved pet, if you care about them, you want to do everything you can to help them. Corrine DiLorenzo shows how much she cares about her pot-bellied pig by singing to him.

This nine month old pig, named Bentley, had a seizure at one point. He experienced complications, and he spent long period of time in the hospital. He ended up being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and had about a 10 percent chance of surviving. He ended up beating the odds and making it through, but he lost his sight in the process.

When Bentley needed to have another procedure done, he was uneasy in the hospital. There were all sorts of loud and unsettling noises, and Corrine hated seeing him like this. She wanted to calm him down before his surgery.

She decided to sing him a lullaby to soothe him. This was captured on video, and the adorable display of love got a great deal of attention. There was a YouCaring website put together for Bentley, and it raised more than $22,000. This money was used to pay off the hospital bills, so that Bentley could return home after he had healed.

Corrine was incredibly touched by what everyone had done for her; she was floored by their kindness and by the money that they gave her. She states that her pig has taught her resilience and perseverance.

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