VIDEO: Her Baby Was Killed In An Accident. Then She Heard THIS On The Radio. I’m Crying

Michelle, a mother who recently lost her son, received a wonderful surprise on what she thought was just an ordinary car ride to the spa.

Michelle’s 19-year-old son, Blaine, was killed in a freak accident at work in December 2014. The young boy fell off the back of a tractor, and he passed away at the scene. The hard working single mother had to go back to work in order to pay her family’s bills, something she was not mentally prepared for.

Her daughter Crystal, along with her two other siblings, contacted KIIS 106.5, a radio station in Sydney, Australia and shared their family’s story with them.

During her car ride, the hosts of The Kyle and Jackie O Show began discussing their “Giveback” series. They started telling Michelle’s story, and she became tearful when she heard her son’s name.

The hosts went on to inform Michelle that she would receive money to pay the next six months of her mortgage, so she won’t have to go back to work. Furthermore, they announced that they would like donate an additional $5,000 in Blaine’s memory in order to pay for the house’s renovations that he had started.

After hearing what she has been given, Michelle spoke to the hosts through the phone. She is in tears as she thanks them for their generous donations.

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