VIDEO: He Went To Film His Pregnant Wife, Then THIS Happened. And I Can’t Stop Laughing. LOL!!!

Most women do not want to be looked at much when they are as large as their belly can get in the ninth month of pregnancy, but not this woman. She asked her husband to play her favorite song so she could pretend to sing it with the mop handle and dance as much as she could too.

So, he told her to sit down, relax, and asked her when she has ever seen a big pregnant woman up mopping the floor and doing other work. She ignored him, and asked him to play her song again.

Well, the husband mumbled this and that as he filmed her doing quite well, seducing him a bit, with her sensual movements and the sultry look on her face. She did love Sade’s smash song, “No Ordinary Love,” and knew it well, so she was happy getting to have fun with it.

She danced slowly for about 2 minutes and when she got down with her legs like she was squatting, it became her version of Miley’s twerking. She danced herself into labor! Her water hit the floor and she could not get back up out of the position because her labor had started. What a way to get pregnancy over with!

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