VIDEO: He Was Tossed From His Car And Nearly Dead. How His Dog Saved His Life? WOW!

A 16 year-old boy named Joseph was involved in a car accident in 2014. He was with his family when the car crashed, and he was ejected from the vehicle. Joseph was the only one of his family members to survive the accident.

Joseph was seriously injured and unable to move. He waited 40 hours before someone came to rescue him, but he was not alone. His four year-old dog named Sako kept him company the entire time. Joseph has had Sako ever since he was a puppy.

If it was not for Sako, then Joseph most likely would not survived this ordeal. Sako helped save Joseph’s life by keeping him warm. He also helped Joseph collect wood, so he could make a fire. Additionally, Sako helped Joseph collect water and protected him from coyotes.

Joseph stated that he and Sako were falling asleep when they heard the coyotes coming. Sako had noticed their scent and knew that they were coming closer. He also said he could hear Sako and the coyotes fighting.

Sako has been recognized for his heroic efforts. He is now a part of the Purina Animal Hall of Fame. The Purina Animal Hall of Fame has 140 dogs and cats. It also has one horse.

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