VIDEO: He Was About To Give Up, Then He Decided To Make A Change. See What He Looks Like Today

It’s not uncommon for people to make weight loss one of their biggest and main New Year’s Resolutions, but only some people actually make the change and . For Jared, it was a meeting with a professional wrestler that helped him change his life.

In one inspiring video, Jared reads an old entry he wrote in June of 2014. He reads the blog entry talking about how he has accepted his life as it was, and that it was just his way of life for him to be overweight. He experienced never feeling the need at all to try and lose weight, but he knew on the inside that he had to change both his diet, but his way of thinking.

On June 3, 2014, he finally accepted that he needed a change of lifestyle. He was turning 40 and needed to make a change. He connected to a professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas, who provided him with a program to help him and guide him on exercises, mindset, and diet. Daily Struggle And Failing In the video, you’ll find that on the very first day Jared tried to workout with the videos, he could barely stand up. In fact, his only goal the first day was to stand up.

The next day he lasted longer than five minutes and gave up after that. He continued to workout and do everything repeatedly day after day. It was not easy for him to continue, but he pushed himself. In the video, it’s clear that his blog entry was not only discouraging and filled with fear, but it also showcased what most people every single day feel like. Those who are overweight feel like there is no hope, and they end up wallowing in self pity throughout their lives, and struggle helplessly with their unhealthy eating habits.

The video eventually shows Jared reading the blog entry in his hands and tearing up. He finally remembers the feeling of being more than 500+ lbs at 40 years old, lacking confidence and a zest for life, and not thriving in his job. After more than 15 months of daily workouts, stretching, and healthy dieting, he changed his mindset and his life to accomplish losing more than 300+ lbs. His life did not change overnight, but the hard work paid off.

Many people in a similar situation may look at these results without realizing there was more than 15 months of stress, hard work, and self doubt that happened between the before and after pictures. If you’re in a similar position, remember that there is no set timeframe for you to accomplish your weight loss goals. For Jared, it took 15 months, and for others, it may require more time, or less. His story is one that can truly inspire even the most lost and hopeless people struggling with anything in life. Jared is a sign of true persistence and love for oneself. Jared has proven that you must shift your thinking to complete and utter positivity to achieve your dreams. U

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