VIDEO: He Walked On Stage With No Confidence. Seconds Later? The Judges Were Wiping Away Tears

Emmanuel Kelly didn’t have a great start to his life. What began as a life that could have been terrible, though, eventually turned around. Thanks to his wonderful adopted mother, his life was able to become something wonderful and touching. Emmanuel was born with limbs that never fully developed.

His condition was due to Iraq’s chemical warfare, which plagued the area where he was born. In 1998, Moira Kelly found and adopted Emmanuel. She transported him to Australia, where he was treated for his medical condition.

Several years later, Emmanuel found himself somewhere where most people only dream of being: on the stage at the X-Factor show, to audition in front of the famous panel of judges. His mother watched from backstages. At first, the judges asked Emmanuel about his background.

While Emmanuel discussed his upbringing, everyone – the judges, Moira, and the audience – were brought to tears. The moment was both heartwarming and heart-renching. Once he began singing, though, all anybody could focus on was his fantastic voice. Emmanuel impressed the crowd and the judges, and undoubtedly made his mother proud. Not only did Emmanuel show himself to be inspirational, but he also proved to be a true talent.

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