VIDEO: He Looks Into The Camera Then Starts Choking Her. What He Does Next? OMG

Coming close to someone who intends to do you harm can be a very scary ordeal. If the person is much stronger and bigger than you, then this can make the ordeal can be even more scarier.

It can be difficult to fight off someone who is choking on you, but fortunately, there is a technique you can use that will stop the person from choking you.

There is a video of a man demonstrating a chokehold on a woman. He tells the woman left her hands up as though she is praying. He then tells the woman to grab his eyes, pull his head close to her and headbutt him. He instructs the woman to headbutt the instructor until she breaks free from the chokehold. Additionally, he says that the victim should run until she is in a safe place.

Keep in mind that this technique must be done very quickly. It only takes a few seconds for someone to pass out after the chokehold is applied. A person can also be killed within a short amount of time if the chokehold is not released. That is why it is extremely important for one to stop the person from choking them as soon as possible.

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